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We were so excited to hear from Trim Tech on new branding for their current construction design business.  With a black, white and pink color palette, we were thrilled with how this turned out! Interested in my branding design services? Email for more information.

Emily McCarthy | Trim Tech Emily McCarthy | Trim Tech

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When visiting




The Olde Pink House – Whether or not it seems like a cliche recommendation for Savannah, there really isn’t a better place to soak in the rich atmosphere and decadent history that this city has to offer. Each room has it’s own personality from basement to top floor. The menu ranges from simple to inspired, and it’s almost impossible to beat the signature cocktails. Your dining experience here can be customized to how you feel – if you’re looking for casual you can seat yourself in the outdoor bar, something more upscale will bring you upstairs to the grand dining room, and just a drink could have you taken to the basement bar. All we know is that you and your guests will absolutely adore the atmosphere!

The Grey –  This beautiful new kid on the block is easily a standout for Savannah. Transformed from an old Greyhound station, they’ve reinvented simple classics in a way that will have you in awe! Even the most sophisticated diners are going to rave about this place. The ambience will create a fabulous date night. The bar boasts a skillfully curated collection of spirits, and each dish served will have you raving!
-Kayak Kafe – The Kayak Kafe is the tried and the true. This is the perfect every day place to get a great lunch or dinner. If gluten free is a necessity they’ll always make sure your needs are met. Kayak Kafe always has options that not offer variety, but fresh, local ingredients done right. From a quick salad to a shrimp quesadilla… this is one of our most visited places in town! They have two locations, too. Even more to love. There’s the original Kayak Kafe right on Broughton Street and a midtown location for the work crowd. Both are incredible, and both are well priced so that you aren’t ever breaking the bank for a great meal.
-Local 11ten (The Perch) – Set right on the edge of Forsyth Park, you might want to head right up to the rooftop affectionately called “The Perch.” Fun for drinks and a charcuterie plate if you’re planning to stay at The Perch, otherwise go downstairs to enjoy traditional Southern flavors created with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Constantly being written up for their culinary masterpieces, this is another special spot for date night or an anniversary. The ambience will have you enjoying an extra glass of wine with your sweetheart just to soak in the atmosphere.
The Wyld Dock- A one of a kind view, you’ll feel like you’re seated right in the middle of the water. This is tapas style, so bring a crew and order away. This is a hidden gem, too, so you’ll be the only out-of-towner there! If you’re local, though, you can access it by the water and dock your boat. How private island, right? This is a McCarthy staple especially in the summer time. Make sure to get an order of the fish tacos and, if you’re up for it, one of the “Pain Killer” slushies. Sure to cool you down, and maybe even make you feel a little “wyld”.
Where are your favorite places to eat in Savannah? Let us know, and we’ll try it out!
Emily McCarthy

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IMG_7084 Styled

Here at Emily McCarthy studio and shoppe, we are welcoming a brand new custom print to our repertoire! Say hello to “Capri Tile” – this gorgeous ode to classic ginger jars and all around fabulosity. Available now online in both napkin and pillow print – this is the missing link that can tie together all of the seasons at your home. This classic pattern boasts feminine qualities, yet stays neutral enough to keep the masculinity in your home happy.

Click here to see these in the shoppe! You’ll notice the array of colors that you can customize this print in. Whether you’ve got the blues, the pinks, or the reds in your home – we think this will be sure to delight everyone who stops by.


Emily McCarthy

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Remember we told you about your beach must haves in last week’s Sip and Sea? Well. We left one out. One that actually will be the cherry on top of your sundae, the peanut butter to your jelly, the chic to your “on fleek”. The beach sheet! Several colors, several patterns, several reasons why you need one to keep your beach day bright and keep your towels dry for your dips in the water.


Get your claws on the crab beach sheet by clicking here // Pinch up a lobster sheet here //

FullSizeRender-3Does your heart beat for pink flamingos? (Ours does, too.) 

FullSizeRender-6Palm trees make every coastal home happy, click here for the palm beach sheet!

Anchors aweigh! // Pretty Pineapples // Shop the whole collection here.

We can’t wait to see these pretty sheets tucked into your Emily McCarthy for Hayden Reis beach bags right next to your acrylic tumblers! Send us your photos anytime!

Emily McCarthy

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We were so excited to hear from Tianna Vivienne on new branding for their current event planning business. With a black, lime and gold color palette, we were thrilled with how this turned out! Interested in my branding design services? Email for more information.

Emily McCarthy | Tianna Vivienne Emily McCarthy | Tianna Vivienne Emily McCarthy | Tianna Vivienne

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Sunny days at the beach are truly among the best days on record. Sometimes, however, getting together the perfect beach bag and accessories for the day’s outing can seem like a never ending task. You’ll need refreshments, of course, and the perfect bag.


Our stemless acrylic tumblers don’t just bring the party, they practically are the party! Double walled and ready to hold onto your favorite beverage (juice for the kiddos, maybe some wine for you?) they’re durable, and they’ll add a touch of class.


Choose your favorite color combinations and fro the little kids to the big kids, everyone will love their new sippy cup!


Finally, take a look at this sneak peek of Emily McCarthy for Hayden Reis! This beach bag is so chic, so durable, and just what you need to tote your necessities in.

Make them both yours for this beach season! It’s going to be a hot one.

Emily McCarthy

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We were so excited to hear from Taylor Burke Home on new branding for their current retail business. With a green, black and gold palette, we were thrilled with how this turned out! Interested in my branding design services? Email for more information.

Emily McCarthy | Taylor Burke Home Emily McCarthy | Taylor Burke HomeEmily McCarthy | Taylor Burke Home

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This tourist city really packs a punch, and don’t be surprised that you can find swanky accommodations that you’ll definitely be writing home about. Vacation or staycation, you owe it to yourself to become familiar with these favorite places to stay!
If for no other reason than being able to head right down to their restaurant, 22 Square, you’ll never hear a bad word spoken about the location, the food, or the service. Just steps away from Bay or Broughton Streets – you’ll get to choose if your adventure takes you shopping the local boutiques, or tasting the local cocktails. Even if you decided to stay in the whole weekend, you wouldn’t even know you were missing a thing. Post up at the pool or order in from room service, you won’t regret The Andaz.


Savannah‘s newest boutique hotel, again housing a phenomenal restaurant Pacci, is just a quick walk to historic River Street. It marries hip and modern with historic and storied. It’s a Kimpton Hotel, and if you know Kimpton – that means stylish, current, and never boring. Again, you could stay the weekend at The Brice alone and not even realize you hadn’t left the grounds. Their in house restaurant, Pacci, is a destination for locals. The secret garden is the perfect place to pass a midsummer’s night – and it won’t even be just a dream.
Brice3 BriceGarden Brice2
You know what we always say… if you can stay in a mansion, where else could you want to possibly go? This is definitely on the spendier end of any price range, but if you’re looking to be in a palatial surrounding with marble and Onyx… this is the place for you. This is a McCarthy family favorite, as we always treat ourselves to cocktails at the Mansion before St. Patrick’s Day parade. The pool here will easily trick you into believing you’re a regular on the Real Housewives of Savannah, and the overall decor may have you planning a move-in date because it is that perfect.
Mansion Mansion2
MansionDecor MansionPool
Now, where you do you like to stay in the fabulous heart of Savannah? Can’t wait to find out!
Emily McCarthy

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Love notes. Grocery lists. To-do’s. Reminders. Quick thoughts. Poems. Doodles.

Notepads (5 of 24)

Whatever you fill these notepads with is up to you, but fill them up you must! Adding custom monogrammed notepads to our shoppe repertoire was something we knew we had to do. It’s the gift that can be for anyone of any age. As it is our pleasured duty to keep you gifting the best of the best, we knew this was just what the doctor ordered. (Not to mention, what a great gift for a doctor!)

Notepads (14 of 24)-2

Notepads (23 of 24)

(7 Tablet Set with Holder // Click Here)

For Dad, for Mom, for Grad, for newlyweds… Brothers, sisters, friends, acquaintances. Our list could go on and on! These notepads come in a variety of sizes and can be personalized with a variety of different options. From someone you know intimately to a child’s teacher – we love that this gift is versatile and most of all useful!

Notepads (24 of 24)(Desk Notepad with Holder // Click Here)
Notepads (10 of 24)(List Notepad with Holder // Right Here, Please)

Notepads (8 of 24)(Square Memo with Holder // Click, click!)

Don’t delay, take a look at the different options you have and customize a set for you and a set for someone else. You never know who will be longing to receive a special handwritten note from you!

Notepads (1 of 24)

(Super Slab Notepad // Find Here!)

Which style is your favorite? Maybe send us a note with the answer.

Emily McCarthy

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A true celebration was had this weekend: Lillian’s Flamingo Fete!

LilliansFlamingoFete (4 of 202)

The littlest shoppe girl at Emily McCarthy Studio celebrated her 1st birthday in true coastal fashion. Planning her birthday party and deciding which special elements to use from the shoppe was a true joy! As you may recall, it was just over a year ago that I created the flamingo bamboo pattern specifically for Lillian’s nursery. Little did I know this special ode to my sweet daughter would be a shoppe favorite, selling in upholstery, coasters, folded note cards, wallpaper… and so much more!

It’s all about details, especially first a first birthday party! We stayed true to the tropical, Southern flare we always love. The frosted flamingo party cups were just the beginning of the flamingo fete fun. You can see that there were notes of the classic Emily McCarthy favorite emerald green tied in, as well.

LilliansFlamingoFete (89 of 202)

From the shoppe: Ceramic Pineapple (in shoppe only) // Frosted Flamingo Cups

LilliansFlamingoFete (144 of 202)

LilliansFlamingoFete (96 of 202)

From the shoppe: Custom Cocktail Napkins (similar here)

Sweet Lillian received a very special gift reminiscent of her great grandmother, the first Lillian. Grandma Lillian made a baby grand piano for me when I was a young girl, and it was (and is) one of the most special gifts I’ve ever received. I wanted to do something special and memorable for my own Lillian.

LilliansFlamingoFete (2 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (12 of 202)

Baby Grand Piano Bench: Custom painted by Emily McCarthy

The joy in her face as she played with her newest instrument was just as real as the joy she experienced when she got to take her brand new wheels for a spin! Decked out in her own custom monogram, she can now travel the world (or the driveway) along side her big brother until her heart’s content!

LilliansFlamingoFete (15 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (21 of 202)

Lillian’s custom monogram designed by Emily McCarthy // Commission your own custom monogram here!LilliansFlamingoFete (40 of 202)

Aside from the gifts… what about the food? We can admit, often the decor is more a nod toward Mom and Dad’s tastes (for a first birthday!) but the food has to be all about the guest of honor! We chose easy foods that Lillian loves, and made sure the presentation was fun and accessible for little hands.

LilliansFlamingoFete (101 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (102 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (115 of 202)

Palm Beach Wooden Swizzle Stick Set // Pink Confetti (in shoppe only)
LilliansFlamingoFete (116 of 202)

Overall, a good time was had by all! Family and friends made the day so special for our favorite flamingo princess. Rhett was such a proud big brother, and had no shortage on the fun or the messy face!

LilliansFlamingoFete (139 of 202)

LilliansFlamingoFete (122 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (155 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (163 of 202)

LilliansFlamingoFete (183 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (190 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (193 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (93 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (84 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (82 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (81 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (79 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (64 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (66 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (75 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (59 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (202 of 202)


While it’s hard to believe an entire year has passed, it’s hard to imagine life before this perfect Red-Head joined our family. Making this day special for her was an honor and a blessing, just as having her in our lives is to us. Looking forward to more special, styled events for the youngest McCarthy and the entire family.

LilliansFlamingoFete (48 of 202) LilliansFlamingoFete (52 of 202)

Want ideas for your own special party? We can consult on an array of events. Inquire within!

Emily McCarthy

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