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We have been a little quite around the shoppe and studio lately – and there is good reason why! Hurricane Matthew arrived to Savannah with a vengeance and we hunkered down to protect our homes and beautiful city. Just this past week, we were able to start trickling back to our businesses and homes – some damaged immensely. We consider ourselves extremely lucky – we had very minimal damage and a week without power. Compared to the loss that some families endured, we are thankful to be here and with a roof over our heads.

14479821_10154109643047987_5447767362429617570_n 14495285_10154109643062987_5295610617109805022_n(We boarded up our house before leaving for the Hurricane)

The storm rolled in Friday afternoon and we decided to wait it out by staying in Savannah. We felt safe and secure at my in-laws due to the construction of their home – it was definitely built to withstand hurricane-strength storms. We awoke Saturday morning to find a city of destruction. Our beautiful Savannah was hit hard. Very hard. We have spent the last week repairing the damage, clearing roads and restoring power (thanks to thousands of power company linemen that traveled from all over the United States – and my husband!) We were able to return home from many nights with family when we regained power at our home Thursday afternoon.

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-2-20-17-pm screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-2-20-24-pm screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-2-20-35-pm screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-2-20-43-pm

Needless to say, we are GLAD to be home!

We decided to uplift spirits and create a moment of Joy in the Shoppe this week with a Power Party! We had coffee, treats and a place for our favorite guests to join together for a happy celebration.


I was feeling extra thankful today so I thought I would share with everyone. These past couple of weeks has helped us focus on the things that really matter. Not our possessions, not material things, but the moments we are spending together making memories. We have each other and that’s the only thing we really need in this world.

What are you thankful for? Who is in your life that you couldn’t imagine your life without?

Go tell them….today!

I’ll close with one of my favorite inviteJOY cards from the Shoppe:

inviteJOY Cards – Emily McCarthy Shoppe

 Emily McCarthy

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Necessity is the mother of invention, and fabulosity is definitely the mother of this collaboration.

It’s our goal here at the Shoppe to always stay a step ahead of the game so that you don’t have to. From arm candy to cake toppers and finials, we tried to create things that would bring joy and custom aesthetic to multiple areas of your life. Being able to stay forward thinking so that your signature style can evolve in a way to support your classic roots is a gift from this collection to you! Fun yet refined, modern yet sophisticated. We can’t wait to see how you style these pieces in your own way.



Shop the whole collection on our website! Custom orders are also available to be taken in The Shoppe on Abercorn in Savannah, GA!





Aren’t these just, ahem, charming?

Emily McCarthy

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Why “lose” or “draw” when you can just always win? That’s what we think! Have you seen our brand new custom card deck options? Literally, the gift for the hostess who thinks she might just have everything. If hyperbole can be excused for this instance: we’re actually obsessed with these decks!


The perfect gift for a college student, male or female. We know they’ll get a lot of use… and, in fact, we’d get that student two decks in case one gets (ahem) spilled on.


A feast of colors are available to keep everything bright and lively – you know how much we like bright and lively!

PlayingCards_76 PlayingCards_78 PlayingCards_81 PlayingCards_82 PlayingCards_84

Shop all the options online right here! Let us know how you’ll be doubling down on this gift. 

May the odds be good!

Emily McCarthy

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Ask any bride and she’ll agree – she can’t thank her bridesmaids enough for lending support during the most exciting time in her life! Hosting a bridesmaids luncheon is the perfect way to introduce bridesmaids who come from different cities and different friend groups, it’s also a beautiful way to express your gratitude!


When we were asked to style a bridesmaid luncheon, there was nothing but excitement at the Emily McCarthy Shoppe. Weddings give us life around here, from paper products to custom monogramming and our brand new Registry Programme – they’re practically the tie that binds!

We drew our inspiration from something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. What we loved about this – is that all of these things could be represented in the classic ginger jar. They come in so many shapes and sizes, a centerpiece was born.


Once the centerpieces made their places at the table, filling them with vibrant flowers was the easy touch that could take them from ornamental to truly sensational. As we continued the theme of bright pink to mix with the white and blue, we loved the variety that John Davis Florist selected. Instead of sticking with one type of flower for each ginger jar, we were blown away at the impact that the different types truly made as far as the statement went.


(Lucite catch-all tray made to order with color and monogram specifics. A gift that will finally be used, and hasn’t been overdone at other weddings)IMG_7050(Custom linen cocktail napkins elevate the scene from a casual party to a real fete)
IMG_7051(Calligraphy done by our own Ashley Curry)

(Capri tile invitation custom made // Inquire within!)

Pink, white, and blue on a lush green backdrop. Vibrant, yet not busy. Special, yet completely achievable. Our exclusive Capri Tile print makes its debut here and really steals the show! From the invitations, dinner napkins, and large pillows – this gorgeous print is bold and simple all at once. IMG_7141

(Bright florals by John Davis Florist) IMG_7253 IMG_7317 IMG_7401 IMG_7437

(Capri tile pillow might be our new favorite go-to gift to give!)IMG_7455

(See the capri tile stealing the show continually! This time in a larger lucite tray.)

IMG_7472 IMG_7482

Sweet treats were quite literally the icing on the cake to bring our luncheon above and beyond. The fabulous artists at Gigi’s Cupcakes Savannah not only matched our colors perfectly, they utilized their creative abilities to make a special, sparkling touch. For even more details, be sure to pick up the latest copy of Savannah Weddings Magazine!

What would you like to see in a bridal luncheon?

Emily McCarthy

Photography: Sarah Buck

Florals: John Davis Florist

Linens and Dinnerware: Ranco Tent Rentals

Sweet Treats: Gigi’s Cupcakes Savannah

Hair: Parlor Blow Dry Bar

Make-up: Glow Medspa

Wardrobe: BleuBelle Boutique

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Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 8.26.24 AM

Knock knock, stranger! Did you know that we send out an email every week to let you know exactly what is new and fresh in The Shoppe? Well, we certainly do! (Also to note, by signing up to receive our emails you’ll get 10% off your first purchase.)

Make sure you’re not missing any of the exclusive deals (like the one we announced this week!) and that you’re learning about our new products as soon as they hit the shelves.

Sign up here to make sure your name is always on the VIP list.


Emily McCarthy


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Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 7.32.34 AM

As you know, whenever something special comes along that we can’t take our eyes off of here at Emily McCarthy Studio… we just have to tell you about it. In fact, it would be unfair to keep it to ourselves! You know that when we are looking for decor and/or furniture pieces – we need something with true character. We need things that speak to us from a different time, a different artistic period, or even a different nod to signature style. This is exactly what we’ve found at The HighBoy!

As a curated marketplace, it’s truly a work of art they’ve created even as a showroom. From fine jewelry to antique furniture and elaborate candelabras – you know that nothing you can get from The High Boy will be replicated in anyone else’s home. What could be better than showing off your signature style with absolute confidence that it’ll never be duplicated?

Emily was able to find so many fabulous finds, but her favorites to style were a set of leopard print arm chairs, a tortoise desk, and a lucite side table (you know how much we love lucite!). Emily wanted to take these pieces and allow each one to shine. The easy thing was, they were already so high end and special, there was no need to find a way to “highlight” them so to speak. Each piece from The HighBoy has its own personality, and it’s honestly thrilling to watch them come to life in your own home.

The tortoise desk was an obvious piece of eye candy that we knew would be the perfect asset to our workspace. It lends itself to all colors and especially, our favorite, gold! We also added one of our favorite trinkets, a brass elephant to bring in some signature style. It’s already the perfect backdrop to write all of our thank you notes and special letters.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 7.38.54 AM

To create a little nook in one of our favorite rooms, these vintage leopard print armchairs were an absolute MUST on every level. Though we believe leopard is truly a neutral, it was a great idea to pair it with the lucite side table so that we could keep it modern and interesting. Add an Emily McCarthy Cocktail Candle on top, gold applique lumbar pillow with your custom monogram, and one of our monogrammed herringbone blankets for an even more elevated appeal.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 7.38.29 AM

Honestly, we’re so excited to see what else we can find in this high end marketplace. It’s a designer’s dream! Even if you aren’t a designer, you’ll feel like one when you can browse the upscale, the elegant, and the unique items that The HighBoy has to offer. Let us know how you style your one-of-a-kind pieces!

Happy decorating!

Emily McCarthy

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We love our Shoppe location in downtown Savannah. It’s convenient, central, and there is always plenty of parking without any hassle.

However, that doesn’t mean that sometimes you don’t need to grab and go! Maybe you’re on your way to a bridal shower and need a gift in a flash – simply call ahead, tell us what you need and we’ll meet you at your car. Maybe you have kids in the backseat and need to make a pick up from an order that’s been delivered, or you’ve got your best canine friend riding passenger and you wouldn’t dare leave him there alone in the Savannah heat. Whatever the situation may be, we don’t mind. We’re happy to work with you and complete any and all transactions as curbside service!

Call us at The Shoppe 912-495-5386 or email us at if you need this service, and we’re more than happy to make sure you get everything you need – without any stress!

Cheers to that!

Emily McCarthy

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Last night was our second installment of the Emily McCarthy Hostess Hour, and we invited along a close friend who many of you already know and love. Paige Minear, of The Pink Clutch, has also been featured on our Style Series – so you’ve definitely seen her. We were able to get her in to show us how she brings her style to coffee tables, book cases, and even wardrobe. She’s bold and fearless in the world of sartorial choices, we couldn’t have had a better time.


Click here to see the full video on our Facebook page!

(Fun fact: See the tulips below? They’re standing up because Paige put a penny in the bottom of the vase. If you prefer your tulips to droop over their vase, simply place them in water and they’ll droop naturally.)



Paige started with her tips on how to build a great coffee table. She included books, a vase (or glass), personal items, and a candle. (We love that the Prosecco candle happens to be her favorite.) What we’d pictured above is her transformation from a setting that she’d have all the time to a setting that’s perfect for entertaining. Definitely take a peek at the video to see what her tricks are.



Here’s an example of some of the personal items Paige likes to use on her own coffee table setup. The key is that she says “You don’t have to go out and buy personal items – you already have them!” Each item she chose already  meant something to her and was able to convey who she was and the tone of her home – without trying too hard, or spending a lot of money on things that maybe didn’t matter as much to her sense of style.


It was important for us to stay true to our own signature style during the event, by offering a fabulous array of drinks! In addition to LaMarca prosecco (which makes our heart go pitter patter) we were also pouring up Buoncristiani Rose for the festivities! Kelly, one of our shoppe girls, shows it off here. The bottle itself is a work of art, note that each rose petal is the portrait of a woman. Ohh la la! For those of you wondering, this rose is about 70% Syrah and 30% Malbec which really adds to its flavor. (Click here to get some Buoncristiani for yourselves.) We can’t recommend it highly enough and can’t wait to serve it again.



After she showed us two ways to style a coffee table, Paige took to the shelves – the book shelves. What a wonderful way to add style and personality to your home. Her biggest advice for style a book shelf? That was easy. “It MUST have books!” We had to giggle, as there really are several people out there who try to style a book shelf while using other items as the main focal point! We stand behind Paige on this one… every book shelf has the luxury to be able to show off who you are as a person, a couple, or a family just by allowing guests to read the titles you choose to display.


Once you’ve decided on the books that will show off some fun parts of your personality and life, you get to choose which items will go with them. Paige, just like Emily, adores classic blue and white ginger jars. The ones shown here are vintage and from various collections – there’s nothing like being able to give an homage to those you love the most like displaying items that once belonged to them and now hold a special place in your own heart. Something else we enjoyed that Paige mentioned was a response to a question about “What if I have a busy wallpaper behind the bookshelf?”

Paige didn’t miss a beat when she said that wallpaper becomes just an accepted part of the background for her! We love her fearlessness when it comes to conveying a signature style!



Finally, we got to the good stuff. Pattern mixing in our daily lives in the things we wear. You absolutely must watch the video to see all of her great ideas. Stripes and tortoise as a neutral? We love it! We also completely stand behind the idea behind wearing things that make you smile. You can start small, of course. Maybe begin by adding a patterned shoe and go from there. Keep in mind that stripes can become your neutral – don’t be afraid to go BOLDLY where you’ve never gone before.


FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender

Overall, the tone at the shoppe that night was beyond excitement. We chatted and mingled far past opening hours! We’re truly so grateful Paige was willing to come and spend some time with us, and we cannot wait until she comes back the next time. Fabulous friends and fabulous fashion for ourselves and our home – it just can’t get much better. We can’t wait to have her back, and we’re looking even more forward to all the fun we’ll have at the next Emily McCarthy Hostess Hour!

PaigeHostessHour-32 PaigeHostessHour-34

Until next time!

Emily McCarthy

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Multi spot cheetah lucite tray (click) // OCIE New York Ring (in shoppe)

Let it be known far and wide that you are never too old for ice cream! We will declare it a fact, at that. One of the fun parts about getting older is being able to enjoy a cocktail, don’t you agree? Well, two of the most wonderful things have come together in our latest collaboration! A boozy ice cream social. Cheers, indeed!


Flavored vodkas can be a lot of fun, if you know what we mean! They can take a cocktail and turn it into a dessert. The best of both (naughty indulgence) worlds, right?


(Blackberry Patch Strawberry Syrup *Available at Publix + Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka + Chocolate Espresso Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery)

Cathead vodka, from the first legal distillery in Mississippi, is Southern charm to the core. Three flavors to choose from, each carefully crafted and completely legendary. We decided to see what we could do with each of the three flavors: original, honeysuckle, and pecan!


(Blackberry Patch Strawberry Syrup *Available at Publix! + Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka + Chocolate Espresso Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery) // Custom monogram martini glasses available in shoppe and here online // Monogram napkins click here!

kelliboydphotography0019 kelliboydphotography0022

(Blackberry Patch Peach syrup *Available at Publix!  + Cathead Pecan Vodka + Cinnamon Pecan Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery) // Place cards available in shoppe // Calligraphy by Ashley Curry



(Blackberry Patch Blueberry syrup *Available at Publix! + Cathead original vodka + Lemon Sugar cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery)

As usual, it’s all in the flare you add to it. The truth is, cookies and ice cream will taste great no matter what you add to them – but the styling is what will take this ice cream social to the next level.


Part of that very flare would be the sprinkles. Who knew adults could have so much fun with colored sugar? These were visually pleasing and really added to the colorful look overall!


(Large multicolor confetti available in shoppe // Sprinkles by Ceremony & Fuss)

kelliboydphotography0139 kelliboydphotography0136

(Wardrobe c/o Kate Spade)

kelliboydphotography0150 kelliboydphotography0144 kelliboydphotography0142(Popsicle coin purse c/o Kate Spade)

Monogrammed Martini GlassesAt the end of every day, having fun is the most important aspect of any special event. Emily added a little extra fun by utilizing her favorite drink of all – prosecco! Adding the Blackberry Patch syrup took it up a notch, and putting in a dollop of Halo Ice Cream was the true finishing touch!


(Monogram ice bucket available in shoppe and online here)


(Spot Cheetah swizzle stick click here // Lipstick champagne glasses in shoppe!)

kelliboydphotography0051 kelliboydphotography0056

Have you ever thrown your own adult ice cream social? Which flavors did you mix? We’d love to know so we can try them out!

Syrups: Blackberry Patch // @blackberry_patch *Available at Publix
Sprinkles: Ceremony & Fuss // @ceremonyandfuss
Glassware, napkins, styling, etc: Emily McCarthy Shoppe @emilymccarthyshoppe
Photography: Kelli Boyd // @kelliboydphotography

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Last evening was a bustling success at 2428 Abercorn in Savannah! As we hosted our very first installment of the Emily McCarthy Hostess Hour, prosecco was popped and a fabulous time was had by all.

Attendees joined the Emily McCarthy team to see how they could build their own at-home bar. Some of the great takeaways is that you don’t actually need a physical bar to have a great set-up. You can utilize a moveable tray, a bookcase, a coffee table – really, anything goes.


Our most important recommendation is, as usual, infuse your own signature style into it! If you collect vintage bar pieces, you should include some. That way it’s always quintessentially you. Emily’s pick last night was to display limes in a milk glass dish. You could also utilize a large vase filled with corks (always on trend in a bar setting), something to showcase beautiful fresh citrus, a candle, or flowers. There are so many ways to liven up your setting, but keep it simple.

Click here to see the video posted on our Facebook page for full coverage! Make sure you watch the whole presentation because there might be a very interesting surprise at the end. We think you’ll love it 😉

Emily McCarthy

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