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This week, we got to know someone so fun and stylish – we truly understood why she calls her blog “Holy City Chic”. Meet Megan Stokes. “Based out of Charleston, SC, Megan’s featured content ranges among her love of style and beauty, home interiors, travel, and all things that celebrate her lowcountry lifestyle. 

Megan’s work has been featured by Nordstrom, House Beautiful, Country Living, Style Me Pretty, and more. She is also a contributor to The Everygirl, a Forbes-listed website driven to inspire career-driven women.” Let’s get to know her a little bit better!


EMc: How do you carry your signature style into all aspects of your life be it home decor, entertaining, or fashion?

MS: I tend to gravitate towards classic pieces and clean lines, whether it’s an outfit I’m picking out or a room that I’m decorating in our home. The older I get, the more I stick to what I know just “works” rather than the crazy fads. For me, that’s interchangeable pieces in flattering silhouettes that are comfortable. I had a baby last year and have pretty much said goodbye to all of my dry clean only blouses and sky high heels since then. (Truthfully, I never really liked them anyway!) More than ever, I like to feel completely and utterly myself and comfortable. That goes for my home, too. I want it to feel lived in, full of love, but classic and fresh. I gain inspiration from our travels… whenever I come home, my wardrobe changes just a bit and so does my decor. After our latest trip to Harbour Island, Bahamas a few weeks ago, I want to only wear linen and white…. and somehow, even more palm branches have found their way into the rooms in our house! 

living room feb 2017 topshop-9

EMc: What is your personal definition of “signature style”?

MS: Signature style is knowing what suits you and then you’ve just got to go out there and unapologetically own it! 

celadon-5 living room feb 2017-17

EMc: Give us three words to describe you. Why did you choose these three words?

MS: Passionate, because I really put my heart into it. (Whatever that “it” might be.) Learning, because I’m doing that everyday. And faithful.

dining room-7 Easter Sunday at the Beach-17

EMc: What are three of your most prized pieces that you think fully represent your signature style? This could be a piece of furniture, jewelry, art, etc.

MS: 1. My wedding rings. My husband added an anniversary band to my stack last year as a push present. It has diamonds all around it, but one was replaced with an Aquamarine, which is our baby’s birthstone. I love the layered look of my set.
2. Our antique bar. It was passed down to my husband by his late grandfather—old wood on the bottom with a marble top, so it’s classic with a little sass. I just love it.
3. Photographs. I admittedly don’t have many printed and framed, so the ones that I have are awfully important and represent some of my most special moments. I love classic silver frames with a large white mat.

gingham top-4

EMc: What is your best tip to encourage others to find and develop their own signature style?

MS: Step away from your phone and Instagram for a bit. Don’t dress a certain way just because someone you look up to or follow wears a certain something. I love online shopping for the convenience, but I always find my best pieces when I am actually in the store feeling the fabrics and trying them on. Look through magazines and mark which pages speak to you, then go into a store and try on clothes that give you that same feeling. Try on so many things and don’t worry if nothing makes you want to sing and dance. If not, don’t buy it. Buy for quality rather than quantity. I’d rather have five shirts in my closet that make me feel like a princess instead of 50 that don’t make me feel like my best self. Even signature style is always evolving, so take your time and build your wardrobe slowly in a natural way that represents the YOU that you LOVE.


Make sure you follow along with Megan and continue enjoying her truly beautiful and chic signature style by following her links below!





Emily McCarthy

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It seemed fitting on the heels of this week’s Everyday Etiquette, that we focus our Signature Style Series on someone born to entertain… and help you entertain! Roxy Owens of Society Social is just that person. Her colorful flair and innovative way of transforming a regular party to a must-attend event is truly remarkable. Let’s see what she has to say about her own signature style.


EMc: How do you carry your signature style into all aspects of your life be it home decor, entertaining, or fashion? 

RO: At Society Social we often say Decorate to Entertain! I’m always inspired by a good party and creating a place you can share with your favorites. This playful spirit lends itself to easy, fun, and colorful style whether it’s in furniture or fashion or in the parties I host! 

EMc: What is your personal definition of “signature style”? 

RO: When people can look at something completely random and say, “That is so YOU!” You know you’ve made an impression and been true to your tastes! 


EMc: Give us three words to describe you. 

RO: This is always so hard so I’m asking my brother who I’m currently on a job site with. He says, “driven, ambitious, and caring!” 

EMc: What are three of your most prized pieces that you think fully represent your signature style? This could be a piece of furniture, jewelry, art, etc.

 RO: 1) Our Society Social bar cart and tassel-y sofa, or in other words furniture that is playful yet polished! 2) The beautiful Chinoiserie panels “Peony Garden” that hang above our sofa in my favorite colors of blush, lavender, greens and blue. Chinoiserie forever! 3) A vintage rattan raffia clutch adorned with a chic gold clasp that hails from my mother’s collection– it’s like SS in a purse!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 2.46.28 PM

EMc: What is your best tip to encourage others to find and develop their own signature style? 

RO: Always start with something you love and you can’t go wrong!

You can even spot Society Social inside the Emily McCarthy Shoppe! We are so lucky that Roxy trusted us to be the only Society Social retailer in Savannah! We adore these aqua chairs, the spot cheetah bench, and the fabulous bar cart.

Find Society Social on: InstagramFacebookTwitter, & Pinterest
Emily McCarthy

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It is our sincere pleasure to welcome the amazing Libbie Summers to our Signature Style series. We’ve been so excited to share this with you – we just adore her (as you know we are gaga for Terra’s Kitchen)! Before we dive into her Signature Style interview – learn a little more about this fabulous culinary delight.

Libbie Summers, the face behind her Food-Inspired Life brand, is recognized as a food and lifestyle tastemaker in print, online and on-air. Her work has been seen in the pages of Better Homes & Gardens, Vogue, ELLE, Camille Styles, Glitter Guide, Redbook, People, Garden and Gun, Condé Nast Traveler, on the OWN Show, and many more.

She has authored three books. The 2014 IndieFab Book of the Year Awards, Sweet & Vicious –baking with attitude (Rizzoli, 2014), Brown Sugar (Short Stack Editions, 2014) and The NY Times 2011 Notable Book, The Whole Hog Cookbook (Rizzoli, 2011).

As one who wears many hats, Libbie also serves as the Creative Culinary Director of Terra’s Kitchen— an innovative meal delivery service sending healthy farm-fresh ingredients and fresh-prepped recipes to subscribers in an eco-friendly manner.

Libbie resides in Savannah, Georgia with one husband, one son, and one opinionated-dog. She maintains her body and body of work are both food-inspired.

Photo: Teresa Earnest

EMc: Why do these photos show your signature style?

LS: I had this big aha moment when I was around 35 that everything I loved style-wise had some connection with food. Color, texture, feeling, memory….it always came back to food. When I describe something I naturally go to food. “You know, like the color of the top of a strawberry before it’s fully ripe…that pale green. THAT’S the color of vintage velvet on my throw pillows.” 

Master Bedroom (photo by Cedric Smith) Mix of vintage and modern with a touch of whimsy

EMc: What aspects really tell us who you are?

LS: The image Cedric Smith took of me with my kewpie topped cake kind of says everything about my style. I have on a custom made and very simple button down short sleeve oxford, an amazing and whimsical skirt with a print called Babies on Fire from designer Brooke Atwood and the chicest work shoes EVER from CAT (yes, the tractor people). Sure I could have just worn the outfit…but I felt like one of those kewpie dolls was so full of bravado, it needed to climb up to the top of a cake.

EMc: How do you carry your signature style into all aspects of your life be it home decor, entertaining, or fashion?

LS: My style is food-inspired, but it’s also a tomboy chic and homespun chic kind of style. I like items that tell a story AND are comforting and comfortable. The “story” may be about the coolest new designer I’m crushing on or the provenance of the piece, but there is always a relaxed feeling and happy story somewhere.

20140401_libbiesummers_011-682x1024 IMG_0167 View More:

EMc: What is your personal definition of “signature style”? 

LS:  Whatever makes you feel good. Period.

IMG_8114 View More: View More:

EMc: Give us three words to describe you. Why did you choose these three words?

LS: Slightly off color.

EMc: What are three of your most prized pieces that you think fully represent your signature style? This could be a piece of furniture, jewelry, art, etc. 

LS: The Pindler and Pindler velvet covered Barcelona day bed in my living room: Because it is the yummiest raspberry color ever, so chic and makes for the best extra bed for guests.

The simple white ceramic plate my hog-farming grandmother, Lula Mae, used to serve bacon on each morning: Because I adored my grandmother and this platter has history and love in every chip.

The most gorgeous pair of milk chocolate leather Billy Reid monk strap oxfords: Because they are so chic, well made and comfortable (I’ve had them resoled 3 times).

EMc: What is your best tip to encourage others to find and develop their own signature style? 

LS: Stay off Pinterest for a few months.


Is it possible to have more fun learning about one person? Find out for yourself, and follow along with Libbie below on all of her social media channels!


Instagram: @libbiesummers
Facebook: @AFoodInspiredLife

Youtube:  AFoodInspiredLife


Twitter: @LibbieSummers

Stay true to your style!

Emily McCarthy

Photos by: Teresa Earnest, Cedric Smith

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We hope you checked your email to see these vibrant colors pop into your inbox! However, if you didn’t – we want to show you just what we’re talking about right there on the blog.

Part of Emily’s creative process is to always keep moving forward. Keep seeing colors, keep living the coastal life and drawing inspiration from every willow tree and oyster shell. That’s exactly what she did to truly set these new patterns into life. We know that any home will dazzle with these colorful and tasteful additions. Shop our collections below!

Seeing red has never been so playful with our coral collection:


Also pictured: one of our fabulous cutting boards. // Shop Here $64-$220

When life hands you lemons… you make limoncello!

Paired with a palm tray // Shop here.

Loving the life down in the low country has brought this beauty to fruition!

Shown with: Custom Accessory Pouch $28 // Custom Folded Note (on sale now!) // Brass Sphere Letter Opener $7 

Oyster roasts are what make our hearts sing! Bring them from outdoors to indoors with these:


Shown with oyster motif cutting board // Shop here! $64-$220

There’s nothing a palm frond can’t make seem sunnier!

See also: Palm letter opener $7 // Custom Cocktail Napkins $52 and up // Bamboo Cocktail Napkin Holder $30 // Palm Tree Napkin Weight $7 

The beloved and classic spot cheetah will never be out of style!

Bring to life with: Printed Accessory Pouch $25 // Shop All Here

Always remember, styling your life should be fun. Don’t be afraid to mix and match – if variety is the spice of life, then patterns are the main course!

Always have fun,

Emily McCarthy

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One of our favorite things to do is admire fabulous signature style, as you know. This is why we are so thrilled to announce the return of our Signature Style Series! To kick off the return of this fabulous foray into the most fashionable friends we have, we want to introduce you to Sarah Tucker. She is pure light and brightness from the moment you click onto her blog. We can’t wait for you to learn who she is, and get excited to continue to follow along with her life.


Emily McCarthy: How do you carry your signature style into all aspects of your life be it home decor, entertaining, or fashion?

Sarah Tucker: I love all things tassels, mixed metals, fun patterns … but I’m very classic too.  I’m that way with my choices in the home, what I wear, and how I entertain.  It’s nice to have some fun and surprising element, always!  



EMc: What is your personal definition of “signature style”?

ST: Whatever you are naturally drawn toward – that’s your signature style.  I rarely care if something looks ridiculous to someone, to me it works!  

2A6A6407-900x600-1 2A6A6423-900x1323

EMc: Give us three words to describe you. Why did you choose these three words?


laid back – I don’t always feel this way but it’s what most of my friends keep telling me I am.  I also think this carries from my attitude to my style. I don’t like anything being too fussy.  But maybe that is because I have two boys (:  

empathetic – I am extremely empathetic.  I feel things very deeply, and I tend to have a ton of compassion for people and their situations.

silly – my best self is a bit silly – with my family, my children, and my friends.  Life should be fun.  

2A6A6446-900x1293 2A6A6460-900x1350

EMc: What are three of your most prized pieces that you think fully represent your signature style? This could be a piece of furniture, jewelry, art, etc.


chinoiserie – I have so many ginger jars and blue and white chinoiserie vases.  My mother always collected them and that obsession has carried over to me.  Never too many!

my parents vows  – I have the original typed up piece of paper of their vows framed.  

photos – from our wedding photos to us becoming a family of three and now four.  Our photos all over our walls remind me of my priorities always.  


EMc: What is your best tip to encourage others to find and develop their own signature style?

ST: I don’t know why I like what I like, but I don’t fight it!  I don’t try to talk myself out of it just because it’s not trendy or may be odd to someone else.  And you shouldn’t either. 

We are all so different and unique, and I love seeing that celebrated by everyone’s choices in their homes, through entertaining, and fashion choices.  

2A6A3119-900x1520 2A6A6565-900x1378

Follow Sarah and get a taste of her signature style!

blog // pinterest // twitter // instagram // facebook

Emily McCarthy

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  1. Sarah Tucker - Hostess gift giving guide - Sarah Tucker
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Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 4.18.02 PM

You know true love when you see it. It’s a feeling you get, right? A feeling that you can’t stop thinking about that special some-thing. That’s how we feel about these fabulous canvas boat totes!

22 wide x 14 high x 8 deep // Inside Zippered Pocket // 8 wide x 5 High

Even available for personalization! We offer the ability to add a monogram in our traditional bamboo font.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 4.19.12 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 4.22.26 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 4.22.40 PM

An ode to Limoncello. // $50 – $80

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 4.22.11 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 4.22.02 PM

Ginger Jar Perfection // $50 – $80

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 4.23.30 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 4.23.41 PM

Blue Crab Cuties // $50 – $80

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 4.22.56 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 4.23.15 PM

Paradise Palm! // $50 – $80

Four different ways to express yourself. Imagine the addition of our exclusive bamboo font monogram, and you’ll be ready to take signature style anywhere. You do already, right?


Emily McCarthy

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If you’ve been on our Facebook page lately, theres no doubt you’ve seen the new beach towels. These gorgeous, patterned towels have been so well received by our shoppe guests! Now, you can get your accessory pouch and a towel to match. When you head off to the beach, you’ll bring your signature style with you!

FullSizeRenderAvailable in all of our new signature patterns exclusively designed by Emily McCarthy.

Choose from Lowcountry, Limoncello, Coral, Palm, Multi Spot Cheetah, Flamingo Bamboo.

36″x72″ // $55 each

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3

Stunning and colorful, these towels will look just as good hanging up as they do laying out ready to help you soak up the beautiful summer sun!

You may want one of each – for the whole family, of course.

Heres to bringing your own sunshine, even on the overcast days.

Emily McCarthy

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Part of being a lifestyle brand is engaging with other beautiful brands that walk hand in hand with our elegant, coastal style. We know that a home is comprised of pieces from many different places, and its important to us that our product will not just stand out from the rest – but we want to make sure our pieces compliment the rest as well. We have found that the coastal inspirations and whimsy of Spartina 449 are truly complimentary to the Emily McCarthy style.


Do you love Emily’s scarf in the very first photo? It’s darling and it’s even more precious because it’s a scarf with the map of Savannah on it. Click either of the images above to make sure it’s in your wardrobe!




We hosted a sip and shop event at Spartina 449’s downtown Savannah location at the end of October and had such a fun experience. The baubles, the totes, the devotion to seaside life – it truly aligns itself with all of our favorite things! How gorgeous is this store?

Emily McCarthy + Spartina 449

We see the girl with signature style who can’t get enough of a great classic, brown cross body bag. Inside it she has a journal to keep all of her fresh and exciting ideas about her passion. The Spartina 449 Savannah map journal tugs at our heart strings, because it’s so important to keep home close to you no matter where you are. She never leaves the home without a bit of sparkle and a bit of sass. Spot cheetah around her neck is a must!

She’s also the kind to have her folded notes closeby so that no matter what adventure she’s on, she’s sending love to those who fill her heart the most.

(Spartina 449 “Sea La Vie Stand Out/ Flamingo” necklace // Ruled 5X7 Savannah Notebook // Middleton Crossbody bag // Emily McCarthy Spot Cheetah Scarf // Emily McCarthy Flat Note Cards)

What else do you love from Spartina 449?

Emily McCarthy

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    We loved partnering with you on this event Emily. Have a fabulous 2017!

    January 10, 2017
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Our mission in your life is quite simple – we create new styles that meet a classic concept. Having something for everyone’s signature style is our true intention with the design we create. That’s why we are introducing “Woven”, the newest font to the exclusive line-up, available in shoppe and online. Woven has quickly become one of our favorites, and we hope you will love it just as much! Order all your favorites with this new style and you’re sure to fall in love all over again.

Woven Font | Emily McCarthy

Make sure you click here to see the whole line-up!

Emily McCarthy

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Part of the reason we love what we do here at the Emily McCarthy Shoppe so much is because we get to see others’ signature style come to life utilizing things we’ve developed and created. Gina Julian is a perfect example. All of the swooning will commence as soon as you click on this link to her blog: here.

First of all, can we mention how obsessed we are with the transformation of the office? Both are oozing with signature, clean yet daring, style – and they both show how multifaceted one person can be. The depth of style almost gives us chills, no joke!

As she’ll mention on the blog, she needed an update to her personal office. It received so much natural light, she wanted to brighten it up. The black screams “drama” and definitely made a clear statement.


When looking for a major transformation, it’s important to have a point of beginning. Gina chose our very own Multi Spot Cheetah wallpaper made exclusively by Cotton and Quill. (Available here) As we contain our squeals to have been utilized as inspiration, we love the direction she took. Her original mock-up had us dying to see more!


The pop of color on the ceiling was a brilliant move on her part. It tied the room together without being overpowering. We also love that she chose a simple, clean line light fixture to remain a focal point. Gold just goes with everything, doesn’t it? The final product proves that a picture is worth (easily) 1,000 words.


From dark, sexy, and dramatic to light, fun, and young. How have you used Emily McCarthy designs to change your space? We’d adore to see it!

(All photos from Gina Julian)


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